Tactical & Supportive

Our relationship with you begins with listening.  Your needs and circumstances will be different to other people’s.  We will listen to the reasons that have brought you to the point of seeking advice.  You will be provided with specific advice, tailored to your situation and we will work with you, in a supportive way, to achieve the best possible outcome.

We see you: you will be listened to

Every client is unique.  You may be feeling vulnerable, betrayed or angry.  You may be tired of repetitive arguments, frustrated by the behaviour of your partner, or indeed you could even have an abusive partner.  You may also feel worn down by trying to navigate co-parenting.  We see you.  You will be listened to.  You will be provided with a tailor-made service, which offers affordable, collaborative and tactical advice. You will be supported.

Clear advice

You are not necessarily going to be told what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear.  You will be provided with clear, straightforward advice every step of the way.  You will be guided by us if we believe you are allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement.  Our aim is to ensure that you understand the advice we provide you, that you understand the repercussions of your decisions and that you feel in control of your situation.  We will work with you to keep things moving in the right direction to a resolution.

Manage your expectations

The media, television and the dramatisation of divorce and arguments over “who gets the kids” have a lot to answer for, which can create unrealistic expectations for some clients of what may be achievable.  There should be no war or battles. This process does not generally lead to an apology from your former partner, but it does allow you to take control of your future.  There is no such thing as “custody” of children; rather, it is a finely nuanced balance of the children’s time between their parents according to the children’s needs.

You will be provided with clear advice about the options available to you, an understanding of how that can be achieved and clear guidance as to how to reach your goal without feeling broken by the end of it all.  Importantly, if you can maintain a degree of civility towards your former partner, particularly if you are co-parenting children together, then you should strive for that.

Clarity on costs

Your legal fees are your responsibility.  You will be provided with information from the outset of your matter as to who, from our team, will be acting on your behalf, together with their hourly charge-out rates.  Wherever possible, the Directors will work closely with other members of the team on the day-to-day running of your case, in order to keep your costs down.  Indications of possible fees will also be provided to you but will be under regular review as your matter progresses and updates will be provided to you.  You will be kept informed of your costs position on a monthly basis and will be provided with transparent details of the work carried out on your behalf.  The aim is to ensure that the legal fees are affordable for you. Further details in respect of costs can be found in our resources section here.

How to proceed

The starting point is to try to deal with matters amicably, if circumstances allow, and taking matters to court should be the last resort.  You will be provided with details of the available routes to help you reach an agreement, whether it is attending mediation or dealing with matters through solicitors, for example.  Further information about the alternatives to going to court can be found here.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to resolve matters without court intervention.  We are experienced litigators who will fiercely protect your position, provide you with tactical advice and help you navigate your way through the court process to a successful conclusion.

Access to the best barristers

The Directors of Teelan & Silwal have over 30 years’ combined experience working within private family law.  During that time, they, and other members of the team, have built up and developed excellent working relationships with many of the top barristers and sets of Chambers in London.  If you do need to go to court, then we can select the right barrister to work with you, whether you need someone to advocate for you in relation to finances or children matters.

Expert advice

As experienced family law specialists, we also know when we need to obtain expert advice for our clients.  We have developed an array of relationships with numerous experts over the years, who regularly work with family law practitioners, so understand the unique issues involved. You may need specialist advice in relation to the distribution of a pension, specific tax advice or valuation of business assets and/or property. There may be issues within your family that may require assistance and input from a Clinical Psychologist for example.  Or you may need varying levels of personal support throughout your matter and we can signpost you in the right direction.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team to discuss your situation, then please contact us.

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